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Amazing Little Log Cabin For Only $5,000

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This charming little cabin from Ecolog Homes is just small enough that it doesn't require a building permit in most municipalities. Therefore it is the idea living space extension for your back yard:

Breathtaking Montana Log Cabin Home

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Hawkwood was originally built in the 1890's. This was a hub of activity for the West Boulder Valley. The building was the Old Hawkwood Post Office and School house. Standing the test of time as many

Outdoor Living In A Log Timber and River Rock Open Shelter

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Look out your backyard window and imagine this beautiful structure. Can you visualize yourself with friends and family sitting and enjoying this spot. If you live in a place where you get a good clim

Living In A Luxury Log Home

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So just what does this mean to live in a 'Luxury Log Home'? The log home industry and standards have come a long way in the past 30 years. Living in a log home use to mean that you were going to live

Fabulous Kitchens For Your Log Home

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The kitchen is the gathering spot for most homes. The style you decide best suits your personality is one of the enjoyable parts of having your own home. This log cabin kitchen is rustic in style, s

Rustic Log Home, Those Were The Days

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This very picturesque image of an old log cabin complete with a horse grazing out front gives us a tiny peek in the history of log cabin. Log home living is a wonderful experience, and if you're in

Fabulous Log Home Entryways

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This home welcomes you with its warm and inspiring Log Entryway. This type of entryway does not have to be exclusively to log homes. There are talented and creative, experienced profession builders t

Rustic Log Counter Tops

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How would this counter top look in your home? You don't have to live in a log house to have a customized counter in your home. You can have a natural wood countertop that is handcrafted from solid w