Living In A Luxury Log Home

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SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

So just what does this mean to live in a 'Luxury Log Home'? The log home industry and standards have come a long way in the past 30 years. Living in a log home use to mean that you were going to live in a structure built from logs that was rather dark and rustic on the exterior and the interior.

There are still those that feel they can live surrounded completely with logs and want every room and partition built from logs. These folks can still have the original option to choose. Doing so takes up a lot of interior floor space. When you consider how large the logs are, you can start to understand why your interior space reduces.

Today's luxury log homes are a far cry from this model.There are many builders from reputable log home companies today that offer floor plans that give you the best of both the log world and the conventional home construction world.

With a luxury home, you will likely enter into a well designed log home and experience a feeling of space with high vaulted ceilings and many large windows. There are usually feature log walls perhaps in the kitchen and great room with artistic archways and cutouts. The interior walls in bedrooms and bathrooms are generally 2x4 or 6 construction with gyproc finishing. The gyproc can then be finished as you desire. Use of color in paints or partial wood now allow you maximum floor space to live in and the relief of additional colors to go along with those beautiful logs.

Contemporary top of the line appliances and bathroom fixtures are generally there. Flooring is slate, carpeting, and tiles, and likely there will be bathrooms for each bedroom and a very grande master ensuite. Kitchens are modern and well designed.

In a luxury log home, these are a few of the visible features you will likely find along with the highest quality construction methods and materials from experienced log builders. .

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  • March 22, 2015 9:44 pm