Outdoor Living In A Log Timber and River Rock Open Shelter

SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook


SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

Look out your backyard window and imagine this beautiful structure. Can you visualize yourself with friends and family sitting and enjoying this spot. If you live in a place where you get a good climate for many months of the year and you love to be outdoors, you likely would make great use of an outdoor building such as this.
There is such beautifully designed use of materials here. Stones, tiles and log beams blend in perfect harmony. The patio furniture available these days is comfortable and durable, made for outdoor conditions. Running a line of electricity to this structure allows for soft ambient evening lighting. The garden centers sell such a wide variety of weather vanes, and outdoor art to customize your space.
The use of a propane heater and a barbecue would allow many happy hours to be spent, eating and being social with the people you want to share this space with.
A great addition to this space is the planters filled with colorful flowers. Let the gardener in you come forth! Contained planters offer a great deal of beauty with minimal upkeep. There are quick growing annuals that can be climbing the beams for your summer months such as we see pictured here.
Along with the esthetic beautify with an addition such as this to your back yard comes the mind and health benefits.
Being outside is good for the soul, even if you have a perfect and comfortable home that you love, going outdoors offers you the opportunity to breath fresh air and take a break from it all.
Can you imagine curling up with a good book (or for those techie-lovers) an Ipad or Notebook in one of those comfy looking loungers. You will feel a wisp of wind, hear birds twittering away to each other, and gaze up occasionally at skies with changing cloud formations. Take your coffee out in the morning to greet the rising sun and enjoy your evening beverage, as the air turns chilly and the night skies come forth. Its all there, just for you.
We are talking about lifestyle here. One that gives you a totally different feel, just by walking outdoors to your little back yard get-a-way spot.

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  • March 22, 2015 9:44 pm