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SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

Log Cabin Home Shells by Log Cabins Canada are built to last with the finest Oversized Red Cedar and Douglas fir log available anywhere. Log Cabins Canada is dedicated to hand-crafting the highest quality log cabins and log cabin homes available in North America. We employ only highly skilled log cabin builders to ensure your dream log cabin is built to the highest aesthetic and structural standards. We use only the finest Red Cedar and Douglas fir house logs available and utilize the best building practices during the construction of your log cabin shell. All of our homes are easily shipped throughout America or Canada from our construction yard in Vancouver BC Canada only 20 minutes from the Canada - USA border. No log cabin home package leaves our construction yard without a full inspection to ensure everything is perfect. Log Cabins Canada builds only a limited number of hand -crafted log cabin homes each year in order to pledge a full commitment to quality to your dream home. We feel that your new home will be our best advertising so we refuse to compromise on quality.

Won’t you let us help make your log cabin dreams come true...

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  • March 21, 2015 1:10 am