The Cheapest Log Home Kits

SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

Cheapest Log Home Kits by Lazarus Log Homes

The cheapest log home kits available today are from Lazarus Log Homes. Log home kits are not all created equal. Just because a log home kit is cheap does not have to mean low quality. Check us out! We have the highest quality log home packages available, and at the cheapest prices from any log home manufacturer, and better yet, we custom design each home at no cost. We help you find a log home that fits within your budget, help you determine how a log home package can be your cheapest option of any home type (from us that is), and make sure you have the right information when you approach the bank or mortgage company with your complete log home plans, your log home bid of exactly the materials you will need on your new log home, a solid turn key estimate for your project (not just the log home bid, but water, sewer, road, hookups, appliances, all labor, etc.), and a sales agreement on your new complete log home cabin kit.

Remember, the cheapest log home kits are now available with all the benefits only Lazarus can provide, giving you the lowest final cost log home packages available, with the highest quality logs and material available to anyone, at any price.

Lazarus has a different approach to cheap log home kits and cheap log cabin kits. Provide full support, provide the highest quality, and complete log home designs customized to each customer’s taste, and making each log home package look and appraise like the most expensive log home kits, with better structural integrity, drier logs, higher quality lumber, and getting the package out quickly, unlike most other log home package suppliers and full service log home kits companies. We know you want things to cost less, be the best thing you can buy, and want you to feel that you got a good deal. We started this business because there were no companies that had high quality log home packages, at any price, and certainly not even good quality at a decent price. Our founder wanted to build a log home, and upon doing a lot of research, found he had to create his own business to give him the kind of product he wanted. Now, we are all benefiting from that demand of low price/high quality. Kind of a no-brainer to want the cheapest log home, and get the very best quality available, and that is why we started the business.

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  • February 25, 2015 2:41 pm