Let's Get Rustic with this Old Fashioned Log Cabin

SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

Log homes combine art and elegance. They have to be designed with care and an artistic frame of mind. Log cabin homes are similar to log homes, except that log homes are contemporary while log cabin homes are smaller and more rustic. Log cabin homes can be customized and are easy to build. They enrich the experience with a warm and cozy environment in your house, and can add a lot of elegance to your style.

A log cabin house can be tailored as per your choice whether in terms of flooring, roof type and others. There are a number of manufacturers who deal in beautiful log cabin homes. They can also guide you to make one for your self. Now, with increasing demand, there are many institutes offering courses in designing and developing log cabin homes.

Log cabin homes are made of wood, the only self-renewing natural resource. As harvesting wood is less damaging to the environment than the mining and processing of other materials, it has become popular. It is relatively easy to work with, and its density-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for strength and load bearing.

Builders have improved the structure and engineering of log cabin homes and use big machines to build houses. However, there are lots of people who still prefer handcrafted houses. Handcrafted houses have a rustic and personalized charm. The cost of building a log home depends on the area where it is built. A log cabin home can be your dream destination, far from the madding crowd, with an environment of peace, relaxation and proximity to nature.


  • March 16, 2015 12:32 am