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SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

SALE: 85% OFF the Log Home Planbook

PAN ABODE offers two levels of Cabin kits. Packages that meet all aspects of insulation codes , or Seasonal "Cabin Kits" click here. Cabins with our standard specs for insulation read on.

Whether you are looking to build a couple hundred square foot remote Hunting Seasonal Cabin, a weekend Cabin of a couple thousand square feet, or a lavish second home vacation retreat, PAN ABODE Cedar Homes has the easy to build Building Systems and the Design expertise to fulfill your discerning needs. For 60 years PAN ABODE has supplied Cabins and High end Homes to our customers all over the planet. We use West Coast wood products that are superior in strength, and are proven to stand the test of time.

Use our Standard Material Specifications for your cabin if it requires the insulation systems to comply with your local Energy Codes, or choose one of our "Cabin Kits" for that location that does not.

Building Systems:

We offer many unique Building Systems/styles to accommodate the setting of your cabin project. All embrace the rich warmth of Western Red Cedar and the natural strength of Douglas-fir.

Choose from stacked Western Red Cedar Timber Building Systems (Phoenix, D-Log and Classic) utilizing time tested "ease of construction" techniques for quick structure erection. These systems come precut and part numbered so virtually anyone can assemble these systems without much construction know how. Our Timber systems come in either flat faced profiles, or exterior rounded profiles.

We also offer a Post and Beam Building System for more flexibility and dynamic appeal.

Material Specifications for Cabins:

Standard Materials specifications for all our Building Systems are based on IRC energy code compliant requirements. We also offer Seasonal "Cabin Kit" specifications for those projects not bound by energy requirements. PAN ABODE can custom tailor your project materials to your needs. Visit Standard Materials specifications for a complete description.


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